A community of practice for transformational leaders

People or profit?
Integrity or influence?
Work or life?

What if you didn't have to choose?

Welcome to Radiant Leader,

where we commit to having strategic, sustainable impact
by showing up powerfully as the leaders we are,
cultivating healthy, high-performing teams, and
being supported, challenged and inspired by others
who have been where we are—or are right there with us.

Are you ready for Radiant results?

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

Business is all about the numbers. 
If you want to succeed, you have to play the game.
We want change, but not like that, not right now.
If you stop grinding, you’ll lose your edge.
If you need help, you’re not enough.

That’s just the way it is.

This tired, transactional narrative has powered business for too long, and most of us have internalized it to some extent. This narrative wants to keep the world of work as it was, maintaining a status quo that is not just outdated, broken and toxic—it’s bad for business.

Here’s the good news: We can rewrite this narrative—within ourselves and with our people—and show up as the transformational leaders our teams need now. 

May I tell you my story?

VideoMy work has always been core to my identity. For years I threw myself into my career with drive and ambition, working constantly and pushing hard. And I was rewarded for it. Until I practically pushed myself off a cliff.

As I entered my 30s, I was struck by the sudden and alarming awareness that I’d been living my life on autopilot. That all of my choices were actually non-choices. That in my drive for success and self-reliance, I was disconnected from the people I loved. But most terrifying was the realization that I didn’t know myself at all.

I decided to start living my life, which meant working smarter. You might assume that my career slowed down as a result, but it had precisely the opposite effect. If you listen to my full story (above), I’ll share how three fundamental shifts changed my life and work for the better:

1. Reorienting my personal navigation system from outward-focused ambition to a clear and actionable intention—and how this led me directly to the C-Suite

2. Cultivating a practice of being, not just doing—which I resisted until I had no choice

3. Stumbling into transformational leadership—and how this unlocked impact I could never have imagined

Today, I coach and train transformational leaders all over the world, and I’ve created Radiant Leader as a place for us to practice these shifts and strategies together, but with less stumbling, more structure and more support.

No more lonely leaders

You’ve found your way here because you know that leading (especially leading change) can be as frustrating as it is fulfilling, as isolating as it is inspiring. Most of the leaders I work with pride themselves on their independence—I always did too. But independence is just another narrative. In truth we're all connected, and we can learn faster, grow deeper and achieve more in relationship with other leaders. That's the power of community.

And Radiant Leader is not just any community. It’s a community of practice. We come together to do the inner work of releasing these old narratives that have kept us (and our organizations) stuck for so long. With each practice, we step more fully into our fullest potential as authentic, aligned, powerfully transformational leaders.

None of us can do this alone. In Radiant Leader, you’ll never have to.  

Love the way you lead

Join Radiant Leader to be supported and challenged in the art, science and practice of transformational leadership. For just $50/month or $500/year*, you’ll gain instant access to: 

  • Our private online space, intentionally designed to be a refuge from the daily grind
  • Leaders like you from across industries and around the world
  • Our Daily Drumbeat of bite-size insights to keep us going and growing together
  • Mindful Monday sessions (hosted live) to start each week strong
  • Monthly Campfire webinars to go deep on a core leadership competency
  • The Radiant Resources Library, full of tools you can take to your team today
  • On-Demand courses to take your leadership from transactional to transformational
  • The private Radiant Leader podcast featuring audio from all community events—take us with you on the go!

*Other currencies are available at checkout, let me know if you'd like to see membership offered in your local currency. Corporate cohorts are available. A portion of all annual subscriptions will be donated to a cause of the community’s choosing. 

We've designed the Radiant Leader experience to be as light-touch as it is life-changing. 

And when you're ready to dig deeper and do more to accelerate your growth, you can sign up for one of our cohort courses, which are currently only available to our members: 

Momentum | Mindful Leader Intensive gathers an intimate cohort of 15 leaders and leverages brain-based mindfulness practice as a transformational technology, building new neural connections that support a more balanced perspective, deeper insights, more creative ideas, smarter decisions, stronger relationships and more strategic impact. In only 12 weeks.

Agents of Radiant Change (ARC) is a 6-week immersion in sparking and sustaining real change in increasingly complex conditions. In a supportive cohort of your fellow change-makers, we’ll apply the 10 Truths of Radiant Change to a specific shift you’re looking to make in your work or in your world. In the process, we'll challenge old patterns and paradigms that are no longer serving us, and unlock our individual and collective potential for transformation.

A year in the life of Radiant Leader

We hone the core competencies of transformational leadership all year long:

Join us. You belong here.